Secret Tricks Pokemon go is not much in the know

Make the very first login on this game, Professor Willow'll give you 3 choices Pokemon. There Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. Do not rush into picking out guys, because diem-diem we can choose Pikachu know! Uh-huh, really, this boong guns.

The trick, fits the screen 3 Pokemon selection earlier, than that he should choose one among the three Pokemon before, well you walk ngejauh of them (walk real of course) until in GPS plasticity if you get out of the zone Pokemon choice. Well, once out of the zone selection, later 3 Pokemon was going ilang from the screen and reappear (respawn). But this time there is an extra, yup! There Pikachu follow-sticking. If you lakuin this way and guns work, try resetting this way to the exit zones and make them respawn again. If guns work as well, and over again … it was counted as jogging and perhaps guns are already aware of the way until Batam.

Pokemon bobbed based on time and habitat

Pokemon-go-placesJangan bete if you only met ratata or Doduo mulu, it could be because you do not understand the mechanism of hunting in Pokemon Go. Apparently, you can explore other Pokemon variants at different times. For example if in the morning and afternoon weve likely to be much Pidgey wandering, but if malem could be Pidgey guns showed up and actually began many Gastly roaming. If in place Mamang, many Doduo morning, malemnya many Dodrio (perhaps fitting malem in evolution because it was tired of waiting guns ditangkep-tangkep).

Oiya, cool from this game, other than the time, the place was also influential guys know. Either way the team Niantic develop how this all, but strangely we really able nemuin Pokemon based character of the place we are hunting her. When I'm on the lake, we can find a Goldeen, Magikarp, and other similar Pokemon. If we are to the park, going to a lot of Pidgey, and Caterpie Weedle. And strangely, through Land coachman (the grave), really a lot Gastly and Haunter. Hmm … if to the capitol, going to a lot of Pokemon types of what? Rattata times huh? #eh

4 Tips Get Pokemon Go in Habitat

Pas you see a wild Pokemon, you might wonder what the purpose circles move in the colors green or orange in the Pokemon agency. Pokemon green color means it includes cemen alias simple ditangkep because the CP is the big guns really. Orange, meaning that this Pokemon Rada geek and you could be slammed spoiled Pokeball at the Pokemon. And lastly, there is the red color, which means that Pokemon heavyweight, it could be legendary or Pokemon with CP big.

Size of circles: If you already know the color, you have to understand what the purpose of that circle change-change in size. In essence it is a kind of indicator targets. The more you throw the right ngenain Pokemon circles shrink fitting, it means that your chance dapetin Pokemon bigger. If you throw ngepas, going to the words "Nice" or "Great" and later you dapet 50 windfall bonus XP.

Curve Ball: How dapet extra XP again? You have to try to force other throws. This time must not throw once wrote, but try puter-puter his first Pokeball until you nemuin animated stars. This method is more difficult anyway, but if successful we can get bonus XP under the name "Curveball Bonus". More fun again if you puter-puter Pokeball her while kayang, certainly thrill his Pokemon nangkep dapet really.

Razz Berry: Some of you might guns in Items guys realized if there Razz Berry. These items can only active and using that when I'm facing the same wild Pokemon. In essence, Razz Berry is a useful item to increase the likelihood that we dapetin Pokemon. Usually for the indicator Pokemon yellow or red. If still green-green mah, guns need to use these items, live happ wrote.

Hero castle clash strength and type of attack

Hire With Honor Badges

Hero obtained from this random way, like hire with gems.
First hire hero requires 500 HB and will continue to increase every time you hire the same day. And will be back again to 500 HB after refresh server (around 12 noon, GMT).
Here's honor badges needed to hire heroes on the same day:
1x HB 500, HB 600 2x, 3x and each hire 700 HB 100 HB will increase up to 10 hire.
HB 1500 11x, 12x HB 2000, HB 2500, and each hire will increase to 500 HB to hire to 20.
21x HB 6000, HB 7000 22x, 23x and each hire HB 8000 will increase in 1000 HB.
Most likely hero that will be obtained is slime and ordinary hero. For elite hero probability is very small, and the hero legend is almost impossible to be obtained from here.

  • If you want to try hire with honor badges should be done two or three times every day, and try again the next day. This method aims to avoid wastage of honor badges.

It is not recommended to menghire hero with honor badges!
Better you use badges to upgrade hero honor to become more powerful forces in battle.

Hire use a shard

It is a way of hire that is sure to get a hero legend. You can choose a hero that you want. Just that you should be more patient in collecting shard.
Highly recommended to use a shard menghire hero.


Each hero has a skill (active skills) and talent (passives)


Skill (Active Skill)
· Skill is the ability of the main hero belongs. Arguably stance mainstay.
· Each hero has a different skill each, except for the same name. Kind ranging from the Buff, Heal, Attack Area, Single Target Attack and Attack Range. So there can be no hero paladin to cast druid hero.
· Skill will be activated automatically when the energy (purple bar under the bar hp) is full.
· Active skiil can be increased up to level 9.
· Skill level can not be increased by using exp obtained from battle.

How to increase your Hero Skill

· Go to the altar heroes.
· Then choose a hero who will be enhanced skill.
· Then click consume.
· Select the item (Essence) or hero (another Hero or special Hero Sacrifice) which will to kill
Talent (Passive Skill)

In addition to skill, the hero also has a talent that is not less important to the skill and would be very useful if you get the right talent for the hero.

· Talent is innate passives hero of initial hire.
· Each Hero is very possible to get the same skill and classnya heronya although the name is different.
· Talent is not activated by the energy but will be activated automatically from the beginning of the battle.
Example: Talent Revive: automatic hero back to life if he died in battle.
· In general, most of the talent just a buff to the hero. So you can just feel the effect is indirect.
· Talent can not be improved in any way. If you got the talent God War 3/5 level then it will be a talent hero permanently, unless you refresh
· Changing the talent to be made to refresh talent. But the cost is very expensive around 300 gems and talent that will appear too random. So the chances of getting talent in looking very small. castle clash free gems

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